About Lyme Test Access Program

Lyme-TAP program funds are temporarily depleted. We are currently not accepting applications. Please check the website regularly for reopening when funds are available again.

The Lyme Test Access Program (Lyme-TAP) is a nationwide patient assistance program offered by Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka Foundation to provide assistance for initial Lyme-related lab tests to patients who demonstrate true financial need.

To view eligibility requirements, click here. To download the application, click here.

If approved, you may be reimbursed for up to 75% of the list price that the labs publish for testing from a qualified CLIA/Medicare approved laboratory of your choice. Most of the laboratories publish the price of their lab tests on their websites. Third-party charges for lab tests may vary from the actual list price charged by the labs. Funds are limited & are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Children under 18 years of age are given priority. The intention of this program is to help as many patients in need as possible. It is not intended to cover insurance deductibles or to cover patients not truly in financial need. Payments of approved grants may take several weeks.

This nationwide assistance program was made possible by a very generous donation from IGeneX Inc., a CLIA/Medicare licensed laboratory. Any CLIA/Medicare licensed laboratory may be selected for testing: you do not have to use IGeneX for this program.

We invite other laboratories to support this program by making a donation to Lyme-TAP. If you have any questions regarding this program or how to make a donation supporting this program, please contact us via email at: info@lymetap.com.

Disclaimer. The Lyme Test Access Program is a grant program offered by Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka Foundation to assist applicants who have financial hardship by reimbursing a percentage of Lyme-related lab tests (performed by any CLIA/Medicare approved lab) that is deemed necessary by their healthcare provider. The program is not intended and should not be construed as giving medical advice or as endorsement of the necessity of or the reliability of any lab test ordered by your physician or of any treatment recommendations by your healthcare provider. Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka Foundation does not warrant or endorse and specifically disclaim any liability for loss or costs incurred by patients related to the validity or results of any lab test, delays, or medical treatments. Any determination of eligibility for grants by Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka Foundation shall be final and subject to their sole and absolute discretion.

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We want to say thank you so much for the grant we received for our Igenex testing.  We are self employed and do not have any kind of insurance.  Your generous grant helped so much and is so appreciated! 
Keep up the excellent work helping families hurt by Lyme.
Kindest Regards,
Glen and Robin Adolphsen


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Lyme Tap and everyone involved for all the great work you are doing to help others that are eligible, and all in such a timely and professional manner. I could not be more pleased! It will be a big help to me as I have incurred many debts due to fighting Lyme.

Thank you!

Thank you for this program and providing me financial assistance. I have been chronically ill for six years and unable to work for much of that time. I finally found a physician who figured out what is going on. My treatment is expensive and insurance does not cover it. Your generosity is helping me get the medical care I need. I pray your organization can continue to help; so many people are battling this horrible disease and are in desperate need. God Bless!

Thank you, Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka and IGenex, for your generosity and your willingness to lend support to those who are chronically ill and in need. Blessings to your organization and all of its members! 

Thank you so much for your financial support covering  a good chunk of my son’s IGeneX testing. You make a tough situation so much easier for our family. 

I want to take a moment to say thank you to Lyme Tap, Rotary Club and Linda for helping my 14-year-old son get his lyme test by iSpot Lyme. As a single mom, who also has lyme, there was no way I would have been able to afford to pay full cost of test. I am forever grateful. What a wonderful group of people with big hearts! God bless you all!

Thank you, Lyme-TAP, for softening the big hit my freelancer’s budget took when I had to get a Lyme test this year! I’m usually quite diligent about checking myself for ticks, but the area where I garden this year was rife with them and one managed to escape me. I got the test just to make sure I was okay because I know several people with chronic Lyme. Praise the Lord for programs like Lyme-TAP for helping those of us whose finances aren’t terrible flexible get tests like this without completely blowing our budgets.

I’ve been sick off and on for the last 6 years with debilitating fatigue and nausea. I’ve had to step back from my job as a youth pastor, and although my church graciously allowed me to stay on board for the time being, they cannot support me financially any longer. I’ve seen doctor after doctor and specialist after specialist in Kaiser Permanente, which is a great system for traditional care, but unfortunately very inclusive and refuses to utilize extensive testing outside their protocol. To make matters worse, Kaiser does not believe in chronic Lyme Disease. I’ve had to resort to visiting an integrative clinic called Middle Path Medicine in Arroyo Grande, CA about 3 hours from where I currently live. But their care isn’t covered by my insurance. With no income from any job, having to pay for my Kaiser insurance out of pocket, which is doing nothing for me, and having to pay out of pocket to find and treat any kind of diagnosis, I needed some help until I could find another means to temporary income. Thanks to Lyme-TAP, I got the majority of an IGeneX Lyme Test covered that I needed to diagnose me. The test returned positive and with direction from Middle Path I’m well on my way to getting treated. Thank you, Lyme-TAP!

Wow. Really cannot put into words how grateful I am. Even when I filled out the application, for some reason I just didn’t believe it could happen (because that’s what kind of year it’s been for me!). What an inspiration to be healthy again so I can pay it forward to those in need, just as this organization has helped me when I was in need. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I’m so incredibly grateful to Lyme-TAP for their financial assistant with my IgeneX Lyme test. How strange and wonderful to be treated as something more than a number in this age of the medical factory! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to resurrect my faith in mankind!

Thank you to all the wonderful people at Lyme Tap! Thanks to your assistance, we have been able to test our children for Lyme (and co-infections). We struggle with significant financial constraits due to our kids’ medical conditions. Ever since we learned about Lyme Disease and the possible connection to our kids’ symptoms, we got them tested with IGeneX. With positive Lyme diagnoses, we were finally able to get our kids the treatments they needed, after years of misdiagnosis. (Since then, my wife and I also tested positive for LD and are getting treated). All this wouldn’t have been possible without Lyme Tap (since the cost of the testing was beyond our means). It was also meaningful and encouraging to know that we are not alone, that someone cares for our family’s wellbeing. Thank you Lyme Tap for all the wonderful work you do. I cannot think of a worthier charitable cause!

THANK YOU so much for your help paying for my Lyme Disease tests. It is overwhelming to have such strong feelings of hopelessness since insurance will not pay for my tests or treatments. I felt as though no one understood. Being disabled without federal help, maxing out credit cards, and not being able to afford testing and treatment is heartbreaking. But when I found Lyme-Tap, I felt glimmers of hope and support. My best friend told me about this program and I thought it would never work, yet it did! The gratitude I feel is over the moon! Thank you for all you do and for all the time you put in to help people who feel lost and buried under financial piles and illnesses. It feels like a miracle just to know there are people who care and who are willing to help!

I would like to thank everyone, especially Linda, at the Lyme-TAP program. Like many others I have suffered with chronic illness for decades. Getting a diagnosis was finally a relief. However, with that relief was financial ruin from years of out-of-pocket medical expenses to diagnosis this mystery illness, and struggles to pay for treatment, starting with the high cost of just getting tested. After going into massive debt and depleting all savings and retirement accounts, receiving our checks from Lyme-TAP was a glimmer of hope that people care and want to help others suffering with chronic illness. Those who have benefited from this program please spread the word and thank you to all who have donated your time and money to create this program. I have printed extra copies of the application and gave them to my doctor in case other patients may be in need of assistance. Thank you!

THANK YOU so much, for reimbursing the cost of IGenex testing for my daughter. It is awful to be faced with the illness, and the expenses of getting properly tested and treated add so much more stress to an already difficult situation. As a single parent in financial need.. I am so immensely grateful for your help!! Thank you again, Lyme-Tap and those who’ve made this possible. Your program is a true blessing.

Thank you Lymetap!  Please add me to the this wonderful list of Lyme sufferers who are infinitely thankful for your help!  As many (every) others here have described, people with Lyme disease experience endless difficulty trying to figure out what’s wrong, trying to get through each day, trying to get the proper care, trying to remain financially afloat, and on & on.  We have encountered so much negative…..people telling us “you’re wrong”, “there’s nothing wrong physically, you’re just depressed”, “you’re crazy”, “no, we don’t cover that treatment/test”.  It has been a time of life almost impossible to navigate successfully.  So far there has been 1 bright light of hope & help, Lymetap.  Lymetap offered me help at the most needed time when nothing else was going my way.  The granted funds helped to cover testing costs [THANK YOU! THANK YOU!] and the hope that came along with it will help carry me through the next phase :). I hope my deep gratitude is properly conveyed, **Thank you Lymetap **

A setback in my health made it imperative that I get retested. Unfortunately I was not in any financial position to do this. Thanks to the people at Lyme-Tap I was able to get the majority of the costs covered, which allowed me to get the tests I needed. Thank you all so much for making this possible.

I received a check in the mail today (after not really having expected as much) and I cannot tell you how big and grateful it made my heart feel. What a saving grace to have somebody advocate for you and assist you when every part of the medical system refuses to. This is an expensive illness to treat, the stress of which only exasperates the symptoms, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for lessoning the burden a bit. It is so very appreciated.

I want to give a big fat (and overdue) thank you to everyone at Lyme-TAP. Even though most doctors kept insisting that I was fine, depressed or imagining things, I KNEW something was wrong. Thanks to LymeTAP, I finally know that “something” is Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, mycoplasma and brucellosis. THANK YOU so much for your assistance. I’m not happy I have these illnesses, but I am happy I finally know what it is I’m dealing with. It’s a big psychological relief and now I have hope that I can get better. You guys are wonderful and helping so many of us. We sure do appreciate it.

After being misdiagnosed, over the last many months, as having MS, I FINALLY found a Lyme Literate MD who is 90-95 percent certain I have Lyme (that has moved into the central nervous system) and quite possibly a co-infection bacteria from ticks. 

Because my coverage won’t cover the tests, I am SO glad I have found the Lyme-TAP program and will be applying for assistance in getting the IgeneX testing done and a spinal tap.

You truly are life savers. Thank you.

I can not put into words how thankful I am to lymetap for paying for my tests! This has helped me tremendously!!! My little boy has been undergoing a lot of medical tests himself and will be having surgery soon so I could not afford to pay for the testing myself at this time. Unfortunately my test came back positive through igenex. Now I am trying to find the best way to treat this hideous disease affordably. Thank you Lyme Tap!!!

I have been “sick” for almost 10 years. Countless tests, specialists, time missed from work and life, etc, with no definite answers. My current doctor at Revolution Health said that Lyme was the only thing left it could be. It was! My insurance wouldn’t pay and I couldn’t afford “another” test. It took almost 2 months for me to get my results. It found several things, but the main one was positive band 31, which is Lyme specific! Lyme Tap reimbursed my testing and its now I can begin paying for treatment! Thank you Lyme Tap!

I just wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to the Lyme TAP people and the program! Thanks to you guys, I was able to get my test done. And with your program, I will be able to get my kids tested as well. Thank you guys for everything! Your program is so helpful! 🙂

You saved a life today, Lyme-TAP. Thank you so very much for helping me to get testing that would otherwise have been totally out of reach for me. It’s been a long time coming. But I hope that through this testing, I can finally get the accurate, targeted treatment I have needed for so long. You are doing nothing short of hero’s work with this program. Especially considering the political and bureocratic nightmare that Lyme patients face on top of their debilitating disease. So I thank you. My family thanks you! 

PS:  Thanks also for hanging in there through the application process, Claire (forgive me here… I think it was Claire!)! I know there was some confusion!

Dear Good Folks at Lyme Tap,
Thank you so much for the grant you provided to get my daughter tested for Lyme disease.  It made a huge difference in us being able to afford the testing.  She ended up testing “CDC Positive” for Lyme Disease and is now getting treatment.  You are doing a wonderful service providing this grant.  Thank you and God bless you!

Thank you so much to all who are involved in making Lyme Tap available. I had my lab test done with IgeneX in May and received a check in the mail in June to help pay for the testing. My doctor is recommending I be treated for Lyme due to the results. Trying to pull finances together is as unsettling as the illness so this is so very helpful beyond words. I am very grateful to be able to have accurate testing done that shows what is really going on in my body and why I am so ill. Thank you so much for caring about Lyme when many other are able to turn their backs on such a devastating illness.

Thank you so much for the financial assistance. It has been so difficult not only dealing with treatment for myself but also for my two small children. It is so hard to be able to handle all of the expenses. I am so grateful that there are people out there that care and want to help others.
Thanks again

What a great Program. Thank you!

Like many people who end up having Lyme Disease, my family and I spent a number of years searching for answers while we all became progressively worse. No longer able to work, every penny spent on treatments and tests…well I just cannot say thank you enough to the people behind Lyme-TAP and the donors who helped us with the Lyme testing. My daughters, thanks to the test, can now get treatment…and words cannot express how much that means to me…that is what your help gave to us…thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much for offering Lyme-TAP to those in need. This program will make such a big difference for those who have limited funds to receive Lyme related testing. I appreciate your generosity!

You have no idea how much this grant has helped me. We own our own business and had to drop our insurance a couple years ago because of outrageous premiums and deductibles. There’s no way we could have afforded the testing on our own. Thank you, thank you. I will spread the word so others can receive the help they so desperately need also.

I cannot thank you enough or express well enough how much this program has blessed my life. I have no insurance and could not afford the lyme tests, and your reimbursement made all the difference in the world. I am so grateful for this amazing program. There’s such little support out there for Lyme paitents, many of us feel left out in the cold…by insurance co’s and the medical profession, and even loved one’s who don’t understand. This program is truly a lifesaver. Thank you!Thank you! thank you!………and God Bless!

I was able to find out i have lyme because of this program. I am 13 and have had my mom,dad and sister infectd with lyme and now me.. Now i am being treated and won’t get as sick as them because of the kind help of this program. thank you

Thanks Lyme Tap for reimbursing some of my many diagnostic testing costs. It helps a LOT! It is greatly appreciated.

I am so thankful for this program. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the re-imbursement. Lyme Disease is very new to my daughter and I. My daughter was diagnosed in December 2011. I had no idea what Lyme really was. It was horrible to find out about this disease and horrible to find out how the doctors and insurance companies treated this disease. I have no money and my credit card only had $1,000.00 limit on it. Because of Lyme Tap reimbursing us for the test, I was able to purchase supplements and antibiotics for my daughter. Thank you very very much from the bottom of our hearts 🙂 We could’nt have done it without you. If I ever come into a good amount of money, I will be donating to this program!

I was so excited when I logged on and read that Lyme tap was accepting applications again. I couldn’t  have done this with out this generous program. Thank you so much!!!

I got help for my daughter and I from Lyme Tap. I feel so greatful for this help that will make the difference of me testing my other children. Without this help I am not sure I would ever be able to come up with the money. Programs like this are life changing and when you have 3 people in your family sick with lyme the financial part of it just makes life so much harder than it already is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and for this program to help people who need it. Thank you, Kim

I just received my check today and am so appreciative of the many who have made this possible!  With so much going on, getting this financial relief was an answer to prayer!  It is humbling to be sick with a condition many don’t understand; and then not having the funds to be properly tested was awful. I am grateful for the donations and grants that made it possible. I also send a warm thank you to Claire!

Thank You  Rotary Club, Igenex and all volunteers !!  This help is so huge for our struggling family!
Thanks Claire for your personal time, answering questions and working so quickly on my application!

AGAIN THANK YOU !!!!! I will never forget this.

I have spent the past 17 years with a mysterious “unknown” or “imagined” disease of such overwhelming symptoms and debilitating fatigue that my life is confined to bed. Medical doctors offered no answers, no help, no compassion. I found an amazing Naturopathic Doctor who suggested I be tested for Lyme et al, and she explained that testing is complicated and expensive. I never would have been able to get tested if it hadn’t been for Lyme-TAP. God Bless you, Claire, IGenex, and Rotary Club of Ferndale. Claire is pure Grace in the band of humanity’s better angels that is Lyme-TAP! Two tests, IGenex and CD-57, indicated I had something not explained by the (known) chronic viruses I had. Lyme-TAP made the next SpiroStat test possible, which, HALLELUJAH!!! identified Babesia and Lyme! We now know WHAT to treat — otherwise, it would be a lot of guessing, supposing, and hit-or-miss treatment! Thank you, thank you, thank you! May your kindness, generosity, and caring spirit become the template by which our broken health”care” system is transformed! God bless you all as you have blessed us!

After contracting Lyme,  I quickly became bedridden and unemployed  – with no insurance.  A friend told me about LymeTap and I wondered if it would really lead anywhere. I expected, at best,  a reply saying that I can’t receive help for some reason.  

The application process was easy – considering my physical, mental and emotional debilitation, this was very welcome. Claire was helpful and kind in her email communication and I was really surprised and grateful that I was able to receive help with the cost of the initial tests.  

6 months later, I am doing much better and continue to pursue alternative treatments to help get me back to a more normal level of functioning.

It is very comforting to know that an organization cares enough about people suffering with Lyme to extend such help.  It really restores a sense of faith in the kindness of strangers.  Those of us with Lyme experience many people who don’t understand the seriousness of the illness — or how devastating it can be to a person’s life.  

Thank you Rotary Club of Ferndale, Claire and IGENEX for “getting it” and for being there for people who are suffering with very little professional support.

A million thanks……………………..

To everyone at Lyme-TAP & especially Claire….you are truly angels on earth! Because of my health, my family is in a bad place financially but the wonderful people of this program have lifted a huge burden from my shoulders by helping me with my testing costs. I’m so very grateful for what you have done for me and my family and I will never forget it! Thank you so much and God Bless You All!! 

Thank you to every single extraordinary person associated with this program (ESPECIALLY Claire who is fantastically helpful…. and super sweet to boot). I have never had total strangers come to my aid before, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. We had gone through a horrific 4 years with an ill child, and the day the blood was drawn for Igenex was the day that changed his life. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

After two and half years of ill-health that has made me unemployable without not knowing what ails me, and being financially devestated as a result, my heart runneth over with gratitude for your help in getting this testing that my doctor is sure will provide an answer, if not a valuable clue, to what is ailing me. I look forward to more answers on what it will take to get well again and be a contributing member of my community once again. Thank you for your help and assistance to those of us that have been humbled by an illness that has yet to be defined or confirmed as we seek answers to become healthy again.

Don’t know how to thank you enough!! Your help is making it possible for my 10 year old daughter and I to have accurate testing we never would otherwise be able to afford. Claire, you made the application process so painless and easy and were so kind and gracious. Looking forward to the day when I have won the battle with this disease, get back to work, and can “pay it forward” to others in this need. God bless every one of you who make this program possible. Thank you again!

This program was a blessing to me, THANK YOU for your help… (Thank you Claire for all your work) It’s not fun to ponder finances as well as health, but this made it a little easier! God Bless.

I want to thank Lyme-TAP so much for the quick help I have received. It has been such a battle for me to just get someone to help with testing. I live in a rural area of Texas and there are not any LLMD in this area. I do have a Doc who is willing to work with me and hopefully with the testing we can get the right treatments started. Many blessings to all involved in making this possible. Claire I really appreciate you quick responses special thanks to you. This has been answers to many prayers as we have had a couple of really tough years financially and medically.

I was so grateful to see this program offered – and now my LL doctor knows and many others will too. So many people I’ve spoken to have not gotten “really” tested simply because they can’t afford it, and of course, even if they have insurance, it will not cover it. Thanks Claire for your personal attention. Thanks to Igenex for putting people’s health over profit – you are a rare breed.

Blessings to this organization, its contributors and especially to Claire. Thanks Claire for helping me with all the paperwork and excusing my ‘lyme’ brain. If it was not for this organization we would of not been able to test my self for co-infections, my husband and five children. It is a breath of fresh air to find organizations that are supporting the lyme community as we are constantly being told this disease does not exist or that it is all in our head…God Bless You and Your Future Work.

A mighty HUGE thank you to Claire and Lyme~Tap for your diligence and generosity in helping me to pay for my testing!!! Thanks to you I can afford to know what strains of Lyme to actually receive treatment for. You are helping to make my healing and the healing of many others possible!!! Cheers to a healthier tomorrow 😉 Thank you! Blyssings to you and ALL you do!!!

A big thanks to Claire & to Lyme-Tap for their generous help. This process is costly & scary & having this help is so greatly appreciated. I haven’t gotten my results back yet, but I really feel like I am in good hands and am so grateful to the Lyme Tap Program for helping me. If my test results are positive, the dr. next wants to test my 10 year old daughter and it’s a relief to know there is help available. My practitioner’s office failed to properly get the correct forms to Lyme-Tap twice & it’s thanks to Claire’s help & persistence that we were finally able to get all the pieces taken care of… thanks again!

I suffered from Lyme Disease for 2.7 years and always knew I could have had it. I just came up with negative blood test results everywhere until I finally came across Lyme Tap. With their help I was able to order my tests through Igenex and indeed was positive for Lyme. Thank you for this program, it is appreciated so very much!

I’m so grateful that this program exists. It helped us tremendously financially and I was able to get quality Lyme tests that I feel comfortable with. Getting an accurate diagnosis is hit or miss.
Thank you again for a stress-free process.

The process was quick and easy and Claire was very helpful with all my questions and concerns. I’m very happy you have made it possible for me to get testing done through IGenex.
Your support has brought me much relief, thank you so much!

I was pleasantly shocked when I heard that the Lyme Tap program existed and that I could receive reimbursment for Lyme testing. It seemed “too good to be true” as I was wondering how I would pay for the tests my doctor was requesting. Well Lyme Tap came through just as stated. Thank you for making this testing possible for me. And thank you for the easy process and kindness in answering my questions about the process.

Dear Sirs,
Thank you so very much for accepting our applications for reimbursement of testing costs. LymeTAP has been a true blessing to our family in this difficult time.
The process was easy and the response was surprisingly fast. Claire was very kind and helpful and we appreciate her calm manner. Thank you for offering this program to individuals and to families. We are most grateful.

I want to thank Lyme Tap for the quick and easy process. I suffer from Lyme disease and many other chronic illnesses. The last thing I needed was another long and confusing application process. Lyme Tap made it easy and i received a response and check promptly. I have no income and poor medical insurance that doesn’t cover anything Lyme related. I am in debt and stressed to the max. Lyme Tap helped me out and I truly appreciate all who are involved with the program. Lymies thank you and you don’t know how much this program helps us. Lyme Tap was the best thing that happened to me in 2 years.

Where to begin ? Thank you so very much Rotary Club of Ferndale Foundation and Igenx for this life saving program. Lyme is an a awful disease. It takes patience and commitment to rid the body of it. Having this program gave us the ease we really needed to regain our hopes in being able to just afford working on it. Since there is so little help out there from the medical community and help is what is required – this program was just amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I was stunned when I got the call telling me the Lyme Tap Program was sending a check to help with my testing. Ever since finally discovering what was happening with my ever-declining health condition, I have been thoroughly frustrated by the system that thwarts sufferers of Lyme and co-infections at every turn, and would deny us a way to get better. Upon receiving the check, and FINALLY seeing the bloodwork taken and sent off to the lab by my doctor, I have felt such relief, even though I know the results will mean the BEGINNING of treatment and a long long road. The first, and what was the hardest, step has been made possible by Lyme-Tap, and I will never be able to thank you enough. ‘A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’ Lao-Tzu

 I want to say thank you very much for helping us get reimbursed for my daughters test. The world seems like a better place because of efforts put forth through programs such as Lyme -tap. Lyme is one of the most disputed medical issues to navigate as well as expensive to research and treat. My family thanks the people at Lyme tap for the humanitarian goal they are achieving!  

To all those who offer their time & efforts to help others in need, THANK YOU!! A special shout out to Claire for her patience in answering all my questions, waiting on info. & following up to be sure all was what it should be.
Our family is contending with great financial hardship…bankruptcy, dissolved business, no insurance,then finally state insurance which is selective in what it will cover. We have also had multiple other health diagnosis since Oct. from anemia, Celiac disease , ulcers, thyroid & adrenal issues, heart disease, asthma, a knee injury requiring surgery,Today my husband is home with pneumonia & finally chronic Lyme’s which we are waiting to see if parasitic involvement on myself. It is very likely my husband & boys have been infected as well.I applied & also received grants for them to be tested. Important because I was told if one is treated & the others aren’t , especially a spouse you could potentially get it again & continue to pass it back & forth. I can’t express the peace of mind & gratitude that comes knowing that this program enabled us to take the first steps in helping ourselves seek treatment & hopefully healing. It would not have been possible with out it & instead our health would continue to falter as we would be forced to leave it untested. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude! Please know that what you do is so important & so very valuable to so many. I pray for you all & that it can continue to aid those in need.
Thanks again for your kindness & generousity,

This is wonderful!!!!

What a great program! Thank you Igenex and Rotary Club for your generosity.

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