Organizations that provide other types of support:

Education/Support Groups

Possible Financial Support

  • Clinic of Angels (Grants for chronically ill patients by providing financial resources to help in their medical care.)
  • LivLyme Foundation – (Grants for people 21 and under)
  • LymeAid 4 (Grants up to $1,000 for people 21 and under without medical insurance.)
  • Lyme Connections (Grants for Connecticut residents only who are at or below 85% of the state median income level.)
  • Lyme Light Foundation (Grants for people 25 and under.)
  • Lyme Treatment (Grants for treatment costs with a lyme-literate physician.)
  • Medical Bill Gurus (Patient Advocacy & Medical Billing Service.)
  • Needy Meds (Helps people find drug assistance programs offered thru the pharmaceutical companies.)
  • Partnership for Prescription (Matches people with patient assistance programs for prescriptions.)
  • Ride Out Lyme (Grants for people 26 and older.)
  • Rx (Provides a directory of patient assistance programs.)
  • United Healthcare Children’s Foundation (Medical grants to help children gain access to health-related services not covered or not fully covered by the family’s health insurance plan.) 1-855-MY-UHCCF (1-855-698-4223) or